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Who we are

Upturn Ark is a distinguished marketing agency with 15+ years of unparalleled cross-functional experience. We specialize in data-driven insights, digital footprint enhancement, merchandising, in-store promotions, wholesale initiatives, and market storming. We’re here to elevate your business through strategic solutions designed to optimize performance and drive growth. Join us as we navigate the evolving landscape of commerce with precision and innovation.

Our vision

To be the driving force behind our clients’ global success stories, while continually pushing the boundaries of marketing excellence and technological innovation.

Our mission

To revolutionize the industry through customized marketing, digital excellence, and unwavering commitment to growth. Together, we ascend, transform, and pioneer the future of consumer goods marketing.

Our values

At the heart of doing business, we thrive and live by these 7 values.


We continuously explore new technologies, creative approaches, and unconventional strategies to provide clients with fresh and effective marketing solutions.

Client-Centric Approach

We tailor marketing solutions to align with the unique objectives and challenges of each client, ensuring customized strategies for maximum impact and resonance.

Integrity & Transparency

We provide clear and honest communication, transparent reporting, and ethical practices in all aspects of our operations to build credibility and confidence with clients and stakeholders.


We set high standards for the quality of our work, consistently deliver outstanding results, and continuously seek ways to improve and refine processes to ensure top-notch performance.


We encourage open communication, foster a collaborative environment, and actively seek input from diverse perspectives within the organization to harness collective creativity and expertise.


We remain agile and responsive to changes in the marketing landscape, consumer behavior, and industry dynamics to ensure that strategies are always aligned with the current business environment.


We set clear objectives, track key performance indicators, and continuously optimize strategies to ensure that our efforts contribute to the sustained growth and success of brands.

Our team

caroline mworia ceo upturn-ark

Caroline Mworia

Meet Caroline, a seasoned marketing maven with over 15 years of experience. She’s a sales-savvy strategist, consumer whisperer, and branding guru, dedicated to making brands shine. With a focus on influencing purchasing decisions, she captains a team servicing 2000+ shopping spots, from rural kiosks to retail giants. Beyond the boardroom, Caroline’s adventurous spirit fuels her jet-setting lifestyle and love for diving into gripping books. She thrives on uncovering insights from data, infusing every project with magic. Ready to transform your brand? Caroline’s infectious enthusiasm and lightning-fast wit make her not just a consultant, but a guaranteed force for success.

sam muchiri coo upturn ark

Samuel Muchiri

Meet Muchiri, our COO and tech enthusiast, blending expertise with passion. With a career resembling a startup success story, Muchiri swiftly turns challenges into growth opportunities, fueled by his MBA and a love for scaling businesses. He’s the mastermind behind strategic partnerships and efficient operations, known for turning ideas into reality. Beyond business, Muchiri cherishes open roads, quiet moments, and believes in coffee and laughter to solve any problem. When not revolutionizing the tech world, he’s cruising highways or researching trends. With Muchiri at the helm, our agency is a high-speed rocket of innovation, caffeine, and humor, ready to conquer any challenge.

Why choose us

Measurable results . Empowerment . Expansion
At Upturn, we’re redefining the FMCG game with a potent blend of data-driven insights, digital wizardry, and local expertise. We solve the manufacturers’ pain points by maximizing market reach and impact. From uncovering hidden opportunities to crafting compelling digital identities, we’re your growth partner every step of the way. Experience measurable results, educational empowerment, and a path to regional expansion. With Upturn, we’re not just solving problems; we’re unleashing your FMCG potential.

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