Azaavi Foods Limited

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Azaavi Foods Limited

Azaavi Foods manufactures delectable, organic, and budget-friendly dried fruits, ensuring they deliver the utmost nutritional value to their customers year-round; with a meticulous focus on quality selection, unwavering consistency, and seamless supply chain management.

Our role

Collaborating with farmers committed to sustainable consumption practices like organics and biodynamics, Azaavi Foods proudly aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals, fostering a healthier planet one delicious bite at a time.

In this multifaceted mission, our dedicated team at Upturn Ark took on a pivotal role in product placement, achieving, growing, retaining, and effectively managing shelf displays.

Our meticulous approach ensures the accuracy of prices and vigilant monitoring of shelf stockouts and planning timely replenishment.

Additionally, we undertake the crucial task of following up on payments in our designated areas. Our keen attention is dedicated to identifying damages, managing slow-moving items, addressing overstock situations, and handling product expiries in strict accordance with company policies. Simultaneously, we serve as conduits for market intelligence, capturing customer feedback and needs to facilitate responsive actions from the Azaavi development and marketing teams.

Notable Achievement

We are constantly growing the retail presence and overall sales of of Azaavi brands.

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