Text Book Centre Back to School activation

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Back to School activation
Text Book Centre
Text Book Centre (TBC) is an educational and office supplies conglomerate. It happens to be East and Central Africa’s largest distributor in the education and office supply space.

Our role

As brand ambassadors for TBC, our primary mission was to introduce our brands to shoppers, cultivating awareness and preference. We were dedicated to not only increasing shelf off-take during promotional periods but also sustaining this momentum post-promotion. By overseeing stores and proactively placing orders, we aimed to drive continuous sales growth.

Ensuring maximum visibility for our brands is pivotal, and we negotiate for extra displays to amplify our presence. Our commitment extends to building lasting brand loyalty by understanding customers’ buying motives and tailoring our approach accordingly.

Furthermore, we meticulously maintain a comprehensive customer feedback data bank, serving as a valuable resource for future strategies and ensuring our responsiveness to evolving market preferences.

In essence, our multifaceted approach underscores our dedication to the brand introduction, sustained off-take, store management, visibility, negotiation, loyalty-building, and data-driven adaptability.

Notable Achievement

The results speak volumes – sales of the products on promotion grew by an impressive 42% in just 4 weeks.
Sales growth
Weeks turn around time

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