Supa Brite Merchandising & Category Management

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Merchandising & Category Management
Supa Brite
Supa Brite is a famous provider of domestic and industrial cleaning products. Their most common one being scrubbing pads and sponges.

Our role

In this multifaceted mission, our dedicated team at Upturn Ark took on a pivotal role in achieving, growing, retaining, and effectively managing shelf displays in alignment with the established category planogram.

Our meticulous approach ensured the accuracy of prices and proper marking of shelf labels. Responsibilities extended to vigilant monitoring of shelf stockouts, planning timely replenishment from outlet stores, or through company orders.

Additionally, we undertook the crucial task of following up on payments in our designated areas. Our keen attention was dedicated to identifying damages, managing slow-moving items, addressing overstock situations, and handling product expiries in strict accordance with company policies. Simultaneously, we served as conduits for market intelligence, capturing customer complaints and needs to facilitate responsive actions from development and marketing teams.

Our commitment extended to compiling and submitting comprehensive merchandising reports in a timely manner, ensuring a thorough and informed approach to our responsibilities.

Notable Achievement

We grew sales of the Supa Brite brand in Naivas Supermarket by an impressive 83% within a span of 6 months. Naivas is the largest supermarket chain in Kenya with more than 84 branches countrywide.
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